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October 10 2019

On October 9th , the grand opening of the exhibition «Siberian Health Care. Dentistry» took place.

On October 9th , the grand opening of the exhibition “Siberian Health Care. Dentistry’’ took place. The event is attended by more than 40 companies, whose stands present a range of tools for medical clinics, pharmaceuticals, technics, new equipment, specialist services for the public and much more.

Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 1.JPG

At the opening ceremony, the Minister of Health of the Irkutsk Region Oleg Yaroshenko made a welcoming speech:

Traditionally, we have been holding the SibHealthcare exhibition at the Sibexpocentre site. The management of the exhibition complex is our friends and partners, therefore, of course, it is important to hold the exhibition right here. Today, health centers have deployed their sites where anyone can get some advice. In addition, four medical mobile complexes operate on the territory, where our citizens will be able to undergo mammography, fluorography, and vaccinate against flu, which is very important. Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 2.JPG

Further, the floor was given to the head physician of “Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital No. 8”, Zhanna Eseva:

We have been participating in the exhibition for more than 20 years, and this year our medical institutions pay special attention to the preventive direction. Healthcare has a big task - to increase the life expectancy of the population. We invite everyone to visit our booth, where we will talk about proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, and preservation of mental activity. We are ready to help patients and perform all the tasks! Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 3.JPG

The chief physician of “Bratsk City Hospital No. 2” Evgenia Kropotina congratulated everyone on the opening of the exhibition and noted:

I welcome participants and organizers of the exhibition! Congratulate all with the opening! It is very important that such exhibitions are held. I hope that our professionalism, creative approach and perseverance will allow us to fulfill all the tasks assigned to us. Thanks to your activity and interest, I think the exhibition will be successful and productive Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 4.JPG

The director of the Tulun Medical College Tatyana Tarasova also delivered a welcoming speech:

You all know that our Tulun region and the city of Tulun, as well as the Nizhneudinsky district, were in great trouble due to cataclysms. And if not for the joint work with medical organizations, volunteers, many could not be avoided. Therefore, I would like to wish the participants of the exhibition received a great experience, learn a lot of new, improved in their profession to give goodness and help people. Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 5.JPG

The exhibition was opened by the head of the exhibition organization department of Sibexpocentre OJSC Natalya Tretyakova:

Congratulations to all on the start of the 26th traditional exhibition “Siberian Healthcare. Dentistry "! The exhibition is a unique platform where new medical equipment, technologies, products and services of the medical industry can be demonstrated. This is a platform where you can exchange experiences, get expert advice, and also take part in a business program. I wish you all fruitful work and good mood! Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 6.JPG

On the opening day of the exhibition, an interregional scientific and practical conference was held, where the neurologists examined current problems of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in neurological practice.

Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 7.JPG

In addition, another conference organized by Ignesco LLC from oncologists will be held on October 10. The speakers will raise topical issues of oncology, explain the modern possibilities of diagnosis and drug treatment of malignant tumors, focus on the drug therapy of breast cancer and talk about the diagnostic capabilities of the XN-series hematology analyzers in the detection of leukemia and lymphomas.

Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 8.JPG

It is important to note that all the days of the exhibition, participants will conduct master classes and presentations at their stands. They will talk about the latest technologies, demonstrate their equipment, offer the most favorable conditions and advise on a variety of issues.

Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 9.JPG

On the opening day, October 9th , visitors of the event managed to visit the sites of the Health Schools. At the stand of the Ministry of Health, anyone could turn to specialists with exciting questions, as well as check their health in mobile complexes. It is important to note that the work of the health centers lasted only one day, and all those in need managed to get good advice from doctors and undergo examination.

Сибздравоохранение 2019 Открытие 10.JPG

The exhibition will work from October 9th to 11th from 10 to 18 hours. Both specialists and city residents have a good opportunity to attend an event where you can find out a lot of useful information, check your health, see what new items are currently available, purchase the necessary equipment, tools, and, of course, exchange experiences.

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